setup-big-iconSet Up Your Project for Success

What’s your problem? No really, can you describe it? Where is your organization going? What does it need to get there? When all you have is technology, everything looks like a technical problem. So your first job is to really describe the problem and the solution – the whole solution. If you need an ERP system as part of that solution, then great. Just don’t forget to plan and implement the rest of it! See our Solution Wheel to figure out what your problems are and what the solutions should be.

Once you decide ERP is right for you, lay it out in a business case. That will turn your vision into the broad strokes of a plan. And it will begin to define your finish line – how you’ll know when you get there. Use our Business Case Recipe and Outcomes Table to make sure your business case has all the right stuff.

Finally, get all your leaders on board: the problem, the solution, the cost, the time, the risks and the rewards. We have Pitch Tips for talking to your board and getting leaders bought in, from the start.