create-momentum-big-iconCreate Momentum for Your Program

You have 180 days from when you kick off your ERP project to show that the project is a winner. Without the sheen of success, every step will be harder, if not impossible. Use our Momentum To-Do List to get off on the right foot.

Early on, you need leadership and key stakeholders telling the same story: how you will move from today (what doesn’t work) to tomorrow (what will allow you to survive and succeed). Creating a Message Frame is the first step. Once they’re on-message, use our tips on ERP Sponsorship to make sure they keep the organization on track. And think about what to tell who, and when. Use this Example Communication Plan to check your communication program.

It’s tempting to tell people everything will go smoothly, but it’s smarter to prepare for the bumps. Disruption Preparedness Basics and an ERP Risk Mitigation Tool will start you thinking about how to get the team and the organization ready to get past the rough spots as quickly as possible.