change-behavior-big-iconChange Employee Behavior

It all comes down to employee behavior. Yes, there are things that run behind the scenes, and will deliver value. But every ERP has many employees who enter data, enable processes, and deliver results to the organization’s customers. Employees who can scuttle the system or get you to those business case benefits. Behaviors drive the business case. What behaviors drive yours? This Target Behavior Sample walks you through one way to find them.

So if you know what you want people to know and what you want them to do, then focus attention on those things. Communication can be like carpet-bombing, or like a surgical strike. This Focused Attention Example can help you understand what we mean.

You need those behaviors to change and to stay changed. Of course you’ll train, but there’s a smarter way to think about it. Read our thoughts on Making Behaviors Stick.

As you approach Day One, each role has to be ready to roll. It’s essential to take the individual’s point of view – what will each person start doing, stop doing, or do differently? People must be very clear on that, before training and certainly before you go live. Consider creating Change Discussion Guides for each end user role.