build-infra-big-iconBuild Infrastructure to Sustain the Change

Your ERP will be a success not only because technology works differently but because the organization works differently. Just as you design, build, test, launch, monitor and maintain the ERP, you have to design, build, test, launch, monitor and maintain organizational changes. Use this checklist to make sure you have covered the essentials.

  • Make sure organization structure and teams are aligned with the new results you want.
  • Build new behaviors and performance metrics into role and job descriptions, job support materials, and recruiting processes.
  • Make sure people are measured and rewarded for the new behaviors and performance goals. Build them into compensation and career paths.
  • Educate third parties on the new way of doing business, so employees aren’t conflicted about how to manage and serve external groups like vendors and customers.
  • During the project, create experts who will be embedded in your organization. You might call them super users, testers, trainers, change agents, business reps… whatever you call them, choose them well, steep them in the new way of doing business, and then return them to their teams with all that expertise. They are your first line of defense against backsliding into old behaviors and processes. Use this Change Agent Guide for ideas on choosing and managing them.
  • Celebrate the new behaviors and business results. Visibly embrace the change and the teams that are keeping it strong.