budget-plan-big-icon Budget and Plan the Project

Of course you know you need a budget. And you’re probably pretty solid on how to estimate the costs of the software, technical infrastructure and IT resources to make it work. But how will you estimate the effort to get the business ready for the change? How will you prepare people to get your organization all those benefits from the ERP? Budgeting for Employee Readiness will give you a few alternatives.

Consider how you will develop and roll out your solution. Our Big Bang Theory: Big Bang is a disaster of cosmic proportions. Don’t plan to go live everywhere, with everything, all at once. Seasoned IT execs and consultants will tell you that breaking your implementation into smaller projects is the way to go. See our Small Stage Rationale.

ERP program managers often rely on methodologies and workplans from their software providers or integrators. That’s a great start, but you must customize those plans to fit your situation. We also see a huge pitfall in underplanning for business readiness and user performance. Take a look at our ERP Timeline and Readiness Plan Basics to make sure your program has covered all the bases.

If you take nothing else from this website, take this: choose the right people. Here are some Project Team Member Selection Tips and a Change Agent Guide.